At Hideaway Bakery we offer our community artisan breads, rich with the flavor our our wood-fired oven and the essence of bread which nourishes bodies & honors the age-old art of baking. 

from harvesting organic grains, to gathering farm fresh ingredients, to the oven, we bake with the soul of the old world.

The wood we use is a bi-product from a mill near Eugene that would otherwise be waste.  This wood is the heart of our oven.  It is fired every 24 hours for baking all of our breads & pastries.  The method of baking on heated masonry is the style of the traditional artisan baker.

we strive as individuals & as a business to be community-minded in all things.   Join us for one of our events:

hideaway bakery farmer's market
saturdays 9am-2pm all year long

summer wood-oven pizza nights
tuesdays 5pm-8pm at the bakery

downtown farmer's market on saturdays