At Hideaway Bakery we offer our community artisan breads, rich with the flavor our our wood-fired oven and the essence of bread which nourishes the body & honors the age-old art of baking. 

from harvesting organic grains, to gathering farm fresh ingredients, to the oven, we bake with the soul of the old world.

for the poet and mystic in us, building an oven, gathering the wood, tending the fire and baking in this way connects us experientially with one of our oldest civilized rituals. - Allan Scott- oven builder

we strive as individuals & as a business to be community-minded in all things.   Join us for one of our events:

hideaway bakery farmer's market
saturdays 9am-2pm all year long

summer wood-oven pizza nights
tuesdays 5pm-8pm at the bakery,

always featuring seasonal produce from our farm and local willamette valley farms


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downtown farmer's market on saturdays